Pearl Sprays

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Pearl Sprays

These are special effect pearl sprays made from premium quality thermoplastic resin which provides metallic as well as the pearlized effect of metals such as gold, bronze, copper, etc. Metallic silver or solid black/white can be used as base color which controls the intensity of the pearl coat. Metallic silver base coat gives softly tinted pearlescent finish and black base coat yields a bolder and more vivid iridescent color. The white gives a brighter finish. They are mainly used for decorative purposes on variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, etc.


  • 1. Very Fast-Drying.
  • 2. Excellent Adhesion on any surface.
  • 3. Excellent luster on illumination
  • 4. Gives pearlescent finish.


  • 1. Gold
  • 2. Copper
  • 3. Bronze

Available Size: Aerosol can of 440ml(300gms) capacity

Packing Size: Corrugated box of 25 cans

The color patterns shown are approximate only.

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