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Zink silver

PRISTINE Zinc Cold Galva Sprays are one of the best brands of the highest quality zinc rich coatings on the market which are very effective for long-term protection of structural steel. The proprietary binders used in these coating allows the zinc particles to remain in close contact with each other so that this coat is anodic to the base metal and thereby imparting true galvanic action. Their bond to clean iron, steel provides maximum protection against rust and rust creepage through "galvanic action".

These are used in wastewater facilities, power plants, transmission towers and antennae, steel decking facility maintenance, and bridges. These are also used for touch up and small repairs of hot dip galvanized steel structures particularly for recoating or spot priming of welded or damaged surfaces.

Zinc Coldgalva Sprays are available in three variants based mainly on their Zinc structure and appearance of the dry film.

1. Zinc Bright: This grade gives a bright silvery appearance similar to that of hot galvanized steel and hence it is most suitable for mending the damaged hot-dip galvanized parts. This is manufactured using Flakes shaped Zinc made from Zinc granules with a minimal purity of 99.995%. The lamellar morphology of these Zinc particles lengthens the diffusion pathway thus obstructs corrosion stimulators in a better way.

2. Zinc Ultra Bright:This grade gives a bright silvery semi-glossy appearance. Pure Zinc metal powder produced by condensation of purified zinc vapors which are spherically shaped very fine particles of 5.00 to 9.00 µm size and 99% purity. These discrete spheres of zinc dust which are packed close enough together ensure a virtual tangential contact between the zinc and the steel substrate which is absolutely necessary for the conduction of the electrical corrosion current for forming galvanic cell.

3. Zinc Touch Up:This grade gives a grey silver matt appearance. Like Zinc Ultra Bright grade spherical shaped Zinc Dust with 99% purity is used in this grade.

Products’ highlighting features:

  • Fulfills most of the requirements of demanding international standards
  • Provides a coat that affords true Galvanic protection to steel.
  • Fast-Drying.
  • Excellent Adhesion.
  • Good weather resistance.
  • Products can stand up to 300 hrs. of salt spray test.

Available Size: Aerosol can of 440ml(300gms) capacity

Package Size: Corrugated box of 25 cans

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