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About Vedant Aerosol Industries

Looking for high-quality touch up paint from trusted brand ?

"TITANIUM" touch up Spray also be produced against the specific shade panel given to us by the customer. We are well equipped with the new generation color eye for precise color matching to OEM shades.

Vedant Aerosol Industries is the Brand Owner of "TITANIUM" is India's company in Aerosol Touch up spray paint, having manufacturing facility at Pune. Vedant Aerosol Industries is manufacturer of quality aerosol touchup spray, which will be applied on Metal surface in various industries.

Using high perofmance Acrylic Base Paints for better durability and finishes makes "TITANIUM" touch up spray. Single coat application of "TITANUM" touch up spray give a film thickness of 18-20 microns and as being air drying Paint it touch dries in 1-3 minutes. and having packing Size in 300gm per can, which gives you coverage of 100sq.ft. single coat application

You got the scratch, We got the match....

  • IN 440 ml handly very easy to operate aerosol cans
  • The cans do not clog or choke even if used intermittently
  • Contains adequate solid & pigment concentration which imparts better Coverage & opacity
  • Two years of self life, if stored under ideal conditions
  • Can be used on variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, etc
  • Available in widely used standard shades including glossy black, matt black & white
  • Contains ozone friendly propellant

Aerosol spray paints are cost effective since may hidden cost factors in conventional spray painting are totally eliminated. To cite a few of them are:

  • Custom matched aerosols and touch up paint for cars, motorcycles, vans & Commercial vehicles.
  • Three to five-days delivery of custom product test samples same day shipment of stock products (test samples) Five-day delivery of pilot batch production of Custom products.

We assure more value to our customers, suppliers and all who are associated with us. We request you to provide us an opportunity to come down at your facility for the presentation of our products.

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We Provide lifecycle power solution to enhance the business of our customers, whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment.


We will be the most valued business partner of all our customers.

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