Heat Resistant Sprays

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Heat Resistant Sprays

These are specially formulated silicone based paints to withstand High temperature. These are made from proprietary binder and high quality temperature resistant pigments which provide smooth & opaque film. These products are designed to build a hard lasting finish that will not burn off, chip, or peel at high temperatures. These Heat Resistant Paints, normally abbreviated to HR paints, are used on Stovepipes, Stoves, Heaters, Kilns, Incinerators, Chimneys, Exhaust manifolds, Headers, Engines, Ovens, Steam pipes, etc. Heat Resistant Paints are available in two grades HR 250 & HR 600 based on their temperature resistance

Products’ highlighting features:

  • 1. Air-drying sprays.
  • 2. Excellent Adhesion.
  • 3. Good weather resistance.
  • 4. Withstands temperature of 250 / 600 degrees Celcius

Available Size: Aerosol can of 440ml(300gms) capacity

Package Size: Corrugated box of 25 cans

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